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Peak Invitational Competition has come to an end, and all 9 entries from our academy have received awards. Dai minority duo “Dream” received 1st place in level 4 duo&trio (out of 22 entries). Mongolian group dance “Dancing in the Prairie” received 3rd place in level 4 group (out of 56 entries), along with a Choreography Award. Han duo “Firecraker” won 1st place and Spirit Award. Group dance “Chinese Opera” won 1st place and Top 10 overall. Han Dance“Little Umbrella” won 2nd place. Chinese Classical Dance “Phantom of Sorrow” won 1st place with a high score of 283, and Chao Xian Solo “Long Drum Dance” received 2nd place with six points difference. Ladies’ Group Dance “Dance to the Beat” also received 1st place

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Duets and Solo dancers



The day of our competition for Surrey Festival of Dance was a really special day for all of us from the Cindy Yang Dance Academy. It’s our most beloved teacher Yang Yang’s birthday, and we were able to give her the best present ever! Group dance “Yellow River” received 1st place in the International Contemporary category with a high score of 98, and “Dancing in the Prairie” won 1st for International Folk. Both dances were invited to compete in the No Border Finals on May 9th! Solo “Phantom of Sorrow” won first place in adult (ages 21-29) category, and “Long Drum Dance” received second in adult (age 30+). Group dance “Mongolian Maidens” also received second place in adult group category!


At the competition, students threw teacher Yang Yang a birthday surprise. Roses, handmade birthday card, cake, and kisses! Along with the two giant trophies, no borders invitation and the great performance by all students of the academy, she said it was the best birthday gift ever!

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