~ Cindy Yang Dance  Academy Baby Class & Beginner Class Enrollment ~

The teaching content of the Beginning class includes basic dance training, children’s understanding of their own bodies, flexibility training, and with  Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus, allowing children to sing and dance while having fun, learning dance and developing interest.



Time of the Classes / 课程时间安排 :
Baby Class 启蒙班
Saturday Afternoon / 星期六下午
4:15pm–5:15pm(one hour / 一小时)
Suggest 3~4 year-old kids / 建议3~4岁
Beginner 1 Class / 初级一班:
Tuesday Afternoon / 星期二下午
4:00pm–5:00pm(one hour / 一小时)
Suggest 5~7 year-old kids / 建议5~7岁
Beginner 2 Class / 初级二班:
Tuesday Afternoon / 星期二下午
5:00pm–6:00pm(one hour / 一小时)

Suggest 8~10 year-old kids / 建议8~10岁


Registration Method :  WeChat : CYDA7789986665  or call 778-998-6665. Thank You.

报名方式:微信号 CYDA7789986665 或者拨打 778-998-6665 进行报名。谢谢。

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