Tiffany is currently a grade 11 student at Vancouver Technical Secondary School. Tiffany joined the Cindy yang dance academy of Canada in 2009. Since then, she has participated in 5 Soul of Dance performances and has also had the opportunity to compete internationally. Her most memorable trips include competing in Singapore and Portland. Furthermore, Tiffany has competed at Dance magic and the Peak Invitational Dance Competition. She was involved in numerous group dances that won first place for the intermediate and advanced category. Considering Tiffany is the youngest member in her class, Tiffany was able to learn from her older peers and gain essential life skills. Dance has brought her new friends and introduced her to many opportunities she will forever cherish.

Wendy (天天) will be starting at the University of Waterloo in September. She first began dancing when she was 4 years old. Between then and joining the Cindy Yang Dance Academy in 2016, she spent a lot of time trying out different activities such as music, art and figure skating. She has competed and performed with the academy on numerous occasions including the US Dance Magic Competition, the Peak Invitational Dance Competition as well as two Soul of Dance performances. Wendy has learned countless new things from her peers and her instructors at the academy and will forever appreciate the experiences and memories made. 

Sonia is a third year science student at the University of British Columbia.She started dancing at the academy since she was in grade 10. Since then, she has performed in the Soul of Dance 2016 and 2018. Throughout her dance journey, she has competed in the 2017 Dance Magic competition, 2017 Singapore International Youth Competition and 2018 Peak Invitational Dance Competition. Dance has given her the opportunity to explore traditional Chinese culture.In addition, dance has taught her the importance of perseverance, self-expression and connecting to and being proud of her culture. She is thankful to her dance members and teachers for their support and looks forward to the exciting future ahead of her.

Ashley: Is entering her first year as an arts student at the University of British Columbia. She began her journey as a dancer when she participated in a jazz class, and in the same year became interested in joining the Cindy Yang Dance Academy. She has been involved in numerous Soul of Dances’ including 2014, 2016, and 2018. Along with her academy, she has travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States. Over these seven years, among her teammates, Ashley has competed in numerous competitions achieving first place awards at Dance Magic, 2017 Singapore International “Lion City Cup,” and Peak Invitational. Ashley is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share her culture and heritage when performing, and have created long lasting friendships, and invaluable memories in the CYDA family.

Britney is currently a first year student at the University of British Columbia, and is enrolled in the Bachelors and Masters of Management Dual Degree Program. Ever since she was young, Britney has been passionate about creative performance; from competing on improv teams to making short films, she has always enjoyed expressing herself artistically. She first joined the Cindy Yang Dance Academy when she was seven years old, and has explored other dance genres over the years such as ballet and K-pop. With the academy, she has participated in the Peak Invitational Dance Competition, as well as performances in Vancouver and Richmond. Britney has also represented the academy as an emcee where she is grateful to speak on behalf of her incredible teacher and classmates.

Jasmin first started dancing at CYDA when she was 12 years old. Since then, she has spent her time running between the soccer field and the dance studio preparing for performances at various locations across Greater Vancouver, such as the Richmond Night Market, the PNE, and Aberdeen centre, as well as competitions in Canada and the United States. Her favourite memories include taking the stage at the academy’s biannual Soul of Dance performance and winning first place in her team’s division at the 2018 PEAK Invitational Competition with the group dance “Caught In The Rain,” thus granting them the opportunity to perform at the PEAK provincial honours performance. Jasmin is extremely grateful for her dance family at the academy who have made her experience so memorable and fun.

Teresa joined the Cindy Yang Dance Academy in 2006, since then she has become a principal dancer at the academy and has received the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Teacher Qualification Certificate. She has participated in many internationally renowned performances and competitions in New York, Washington, and China. In 2013 at the American ‘Dance Magic’ competition, she placed first place with a modern ballet solo, “Melody of Love”. Teresa was the lead dancer in the award winning “Ode to the Yellow River” at the Surrey Dance Festival National. In 2015, Teresa participated in the prestigious 11th TaoLi Cup Competition in China. Teresa’s all time favourite dance is her award-winning Han duo, “Sisters in Arms”, where she was able to showcase this in the 2018 Soul of Dance. Teresa graduated from the University of Victoria and is pursuing a career in adult development psychology.

Sarah Cheung first joined the Cindy Yang Dance Academy in 2006 and since then she has become a principal dancer and an student teacher. Sarah has had the opportunity to perform on international stages such as China, in the prestigious Tao Li Cup competition. In the summer of 2017, Sarah competed in the American ‘Dance Magic’ competition and was awarded first place as well as judges’ favourite in the Accelerated Advanced category for her duet, “Sacrifice of Love”. She is currently an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia, looking to pursue a career in speech therapy. Sarah grew up dancing and looking up to the older dancers and her incredible teachers. Now, she is grateful to be able to act as a mentor for younger students and is very blessed to be part of the CYDA family.

Suki is currently a grade 12 student at Steveston London Secondary School. She has been dancing at the Cindy Yang Dance Academy since 2016. Over the 4 years, Suki has participated in 2 soul of dance performances and competed in several competitions such as Dance Magic and Peak Dance Competition. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to perform in many different performances such as at the Richmond Night Market, Northshore Folk Festival, PNE and many more. She is very grateful to be able to be a part of such a great team and class that encourages her to become a better person and dancer.Fun fact: She is currently the shortest member in the advanced class and hopes to grow at least 3 cm taller!

Kimberley started dancing at Cindy Yang Dance Academy around the age of 7. She started in beginner one and is currently in the advanced class. Since joining CYDA she has performed in Soul of Dance performances from 2008-2018. Aside from performing, she has also competed in Peak Invitationals, US Dance Magic and the Surrey Dance Festival. She has travelled to compete in China for “Taoli cup” and Singapore for “The Lion City Cup”. Chinese dance has helped her deeply connect with her own culture. Being able to learn the different minorities within Chinese dance and how they have their own style of costume and dance movements. Through Chinese dance, she was introduced to an incredible group of friends and amazing dance teachers.

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