jacquline wong3

 Jacquline Wong (Left): First Runner-up for Miss Hong Kong 2013

Jacqueline Wong had been dancing for 12 years at the Cindy Yang Dance Academy. She competed in Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pagaent in 2013 and became the first runner-up. She has won many dance competitions. Her duet with Ryan Lowe (also an alumnus) “Love Embrace” that first place at the America’s Dance Magic Competition. She is forever thankful of her teachers Madame Cindy Yang and Ms. Yang Yang for their guidance in dance.




lora sun

Miss Lora Sun began dancing and playing the piano since she was five. Before coming to Canada at the age of 14, she received many gold awards at various Chinese national dance competitions and earned her levle 10 piano certificate at the age of twelve. After coming to Canada, she contnued her dancing career at Cindy Yang Dance Academy of Canada. In 2003, Lora received the gold medal at the Canadian National Dance Competition. In the following year, Lora won first place at the Dance Power International Dance Competition, and was titlted ” Female Dancer of the Year.” Lora also took part in two beauty pageants. In 2003, she was the winnder of “Oriental Teen Cover Girl Pageant.” In 2005, Lora was the firsst runner-up for “Miss Chiense Vancouver Pageant”, and the winner of “Miss Best Posture”, “Miss Photogenic”, and “Miss Energetic” awards. The beauty pageant led to her role as a popular TV host at Fairchild TV station, as well as leadning roles in various Chinese TV dramas and movies. Lora recently graduated from UBC with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, specializing in finance.

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