The ‘Soul Of Dance’ is the biannual grand dance performance hosted by the Cindy Yang Dance Academy.The Soul Of Dance showcases the most spectacular rendition of Chinese ethnic minority and modern dance.

The Academy’s timeless vision of valuing diversity, is first and foremost presented in the dances performed. Each dance captures the unique culture and way of life of one of the 56 ethnic minorities who live in China. Each performer portrays not only the dance form that is characteristic of an ethnic minority, but seeks to reconstruct the mood and essence of that culture.

Soul Of Dance 2014


Finale Group photo of all the performers of Soul of Dance 2014

Venue: River Rock Casino Theatre (Before the show)

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Performance Moments Slideshow

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Royal Datang

The Imperial Tang Dynasty of ancient China (618-907 AD), is considered the golden age of Chinese civilization, a period of cultural prosperity, growth, stability and extreme opulence. Royal Lady Yang, the beloved consort fo Emperor Xuanzong Tang was one of the Four Famous Beauties of ancient China. Her beauty was believed to be so exquisite and ethereal that the flowers would shy away in shame upon seeing her face. Owing to the impact she exerted on the emperor and Chinese history, she has well became China’s epitome of alluring beauty.

Note: All new dance program of 2014 were produced, directed and choreographed by Madam Cindy Yang and Miss Yang Yang. They designed all the costumes worn by the performers.

Special Guest Instructor: Mr. Hua Zang / Costumes Tailors: Ms. Liu Ju-Ying

Academy website Designer: Miss Vivien Wei / Photographer: Mr. Norm Lee & Yiheng Su